Engle Family Reunion, Summer 1920


ROW #1

  1. Paul H. Engle
  2. Bernard Funk
  3. Ray Funk
  4. Martin Funk
  5. Reba Funk Carter
  6. Minnie Funk
  7. Mae Funk
  8. John H. Engle
  9. Harold H. Engle
  10. Alma H. Engle
  11. Marion H. Engle
  12. Alice Funk Rice
  13. Emma R. Engle
  14. Jacob E. Engle
  15. Esther R. Engle Steinbrecher
  16. Elizabeth H. Engle Heise
  17. Mary G. Engle Richardson
  18. Helen Funk
  19. Richard Funk
  20. Sarah Funk
  21. Paul Funk

ROW #2

  1. Ray E. Funk
  2. Ted Funk
  3. Myrtle Funk
  4. Mary Hoffman Engle
  5. Mae Engle Page
  6. Samuel Page
  7. Sue Engle
  8. Ben Engle
  9. Mary Hoffman Engle
  10. Monroe Engle
  11. Stephen Engle
  12. Flora Engle
  13. Eli M. Engle
  14. Barbara Otstot Engle
  15. Daniel E. Engle
  16. Daniel G. Engle
  17. Emma K. Engle
  18. Ivan G. Engle

ROW #3

  1. Anna Funk Lockey
  2. Maisy Brobst
  3. Agnes Funk
  4. Ida E. Herr Funk
  5. Irvin Funk
  6. Mrs. Nathan Engle
  7. Nathan Engle
  8. Minnie Funk Herr
  9. Benjamin Herr
  10. Olive Funk
  11. Amos Funk
  12. Leslie Engle
  13. Grace V. Engle
  14. William Engle

ROW #4

  1. Marian Funk Thelander
  2. Grace Funk Stigelman
  3. Leslie Funk
  4. Elwood Funk
  5. Hilda Engle
  6. Mary Engle
  7. Harold Mercer
  8. Benjamin Herr
  9. Minnie Herr Forrey
  10. Catharine Engle
  11. Evelyn Funk Howry
  12. Edna Engle


This list was compiled by Eugene K. Engle, and revised slightly by Mary Lynn Richardson, with the aid of the following people:

  1. Alma H. Engle, 819 N. Lime Street, Lancaster, PA 17602
    (717) 392 4533
  2. Marion H. Engle (now deceased)
  3. Mary G. Engle Richardson (now deceased)
  4. Grace Funk Stigelman (now deceased)
  5. Anna Funk Lockey, 1880 Village Circle, Lancaster, PA 17604-3227
    (717) 293 9477
  6. Elizabeth H. Engle Heise, #203, Brookview, Townsend, Ontario N04 1S0
    (519) 587-3226

The photograph was obtained from Jacob E. Engle (now deceased), scanned from a photocopy obtained by Althea Engle Phillips, and retouched and prepared by web publication by Mary Lynn Richardson.

* For some years this reunion was known as the "1921 Engle Family Reunion" because memories served that it was held in honor of the 90th birthday of Mary Hoffman Engle (center), who was born in April 1831. However Elizabeth Engle Heise argues convincingly that the photograph has to have been taken in the summer of 1920.

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Harold Mercer Mary Engle Anna Funk Lockey Maisy Brobst Agnes Funk Marian Funk Thelander Grace Funk Stigelman Ida E. Herr Funk Leslie Funk Elwood Funk Irvin Funk Hilda Engle Mrs. Nathan Engle Nathan Engle Benjamin Herr Minnie Herr Forrey Edna Engle Evelyn Funk Howry Minnie Funk Herr Benjamin Herr Catharine Engle Olive Funk Amos Funk Leslie Engle Grace V. Engle William Engle Emma K. Engle Ivan G. Engle Daniel G. Engle Daniel E. Engle Barbara Otstot Engle Eli M. Engle Flora Engle Stephen Engle Monroe Engle Greatgrandmother Mary Hoffman Engle Alma H. Engle Marion H. Engle Ben Engle Sue Engle Samuel Page Mae Engle Page Mary Hoffman Engle Myrtle Funk Ted Funk Ray E. Funk Paul Funk Sarah Funk Richard Funk Helen Funk Mary G. Engle Richardson Elizabeth H. Engle Heise Esther R. Engle Steinbrecher Jacob E. Engle Emma R. Engle Alice Funk Rice Harol H. Engle John H. Engle Mae Funk Minnie Funk Reba Funk Carter Martin Funk Ray Funk Bernard Funk Paul H. Engle